My own portrait
(Psst, il y a aussi une version en français)

Hi, I'm Arnaud, an experienced web developper

Who am I? I'm a super curious and passionate 35 yo bearded guy, based in Alsace (France).

I used to label myself as backend oriented, because I like databases and the command line. But since complexity has now shifted I spend lots of energy trying to keep up with the current frontend madness (without going nuts).

Along this journey, I discovered that I enjoy taking care of the users, designing beautiful interfaces and sophisticated UX.

Sharing knowledge is important to me. I attend to meetups on a regular basis to keep on learning and meet great people. And even sometimes give talks about javascript, rest APIs or modern module bundling. I humbly contribute to open source projects.

On my free time, you'll find me reading, riding my bike, harvesting vegetables or relaxing at some sauna.

Feel free to write me an email.

You can find me on twitter where I share thoughts and links.

See you soon!


From August 2018

I joined Philippe and Antoine at Code16, a small, friendly and very professional studio that crafts modern apps mostly using laravel and vue. It's fun!


Avril > July 2018

Freelancing as a web developer. I also started a new personal project: Pas mon genre (an humble newsletter about gender gap written in french).

September 2017 > March 2018 (6 months)

Helped the team at sdv working on some proprietary CMS dedicated to french press editors with a pretty modern stack (docker, mongo, redis, angular4, etc).


September 2016 > August 2017 (~1 year)

Moved out from Paris to the countryside in the East of France. Took on freelance jobs and built personnal projects.


September 2014 > August 2016 (~2 years)

Became a professional web developer from super talented people at I felt really excited to learn angular, and use modern tooling for everything (gitlab, ci, ansible, npm, webpack, solid rest APIs, etc). I worked on many projects from being the lead, to adding interesting features like A/B testing to wisepops or fitting into a huge team of fifty devs improving core features and testing microservices at ubeeqo. I most importantly learnt how to manage projects efficiently.



September 2009 > June 2014 (~5 years)

Consultant for sncf (french railway company) as a Business Intelligence expert. I had a really great time building high volume datawarehouses, disecting expensive database replication systems and tuning ETL process. At some point I got totally tired of ugly corporate built-in reporting interface and felt the need to learn the basics of web development while implementing handmade dashboards



April 2007 > June 2009 (~2 years)

Made my debut as a junior analyst. I wrote complex financial ETL scripts the old way with lots of shell and fixed horrible reports in java. I hopefully learnt the basics of working with a team and how databases like oracle work under the hood.



Graduated from unistra in computer science